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Street art

When out in the streets, you probably already came across multiple forms of art – or street art – such as statues, sculptures, and tags. I consider tags often as a double-edged sword: often they are really beautiful and stand […]

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Framed compositions

Framed compositions present one important composition approach to photography and after last week’s post on my first exploration of urban photography, I come back again with a couple of photos with a quasi-absence of people. Working with frame in frame […]

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Urban photography in black and white

On a recent occasion, I experimented with another type of photography, which is quite close to street in my understanding: urban photography. The trigger for that short adventure was a book again (probably a major vocational disease as an academic) […]

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Photographers in action

Recently, I read a nice tip in one of the ebooks on (street) photography: participate in a photo contest. So far, I considered myself a slightly advanced beginner in street photography and the thought to submit my pictures to contests did […]

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Sequences – continued

Since the re-discovery of Elliott Erwitt’s work as a source of inspiration thanks to my daughter and resulting in last week’s post, I went out in the streets looking for occasions to create planned sequences – and not an ex-post […]

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Last week, I decided to look through the photography books I have on my bookshelf again for some inspiration. Seeing the books on the couch, my daughter started to be particularly interested in a series of three small books from […]

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Standing out from the crowd

In my very first posts here, I explained that individuals – and often elderly ones – often attract my look as they often somewhat stand out from the crowd. This might be the case for example when they sit on […]

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On the bench – continued

In one of my previous posts, I published a couple of photos of people sitting on a bench – alone – and involved in different activities. This week, the theme is the same, but there are two or more people […]

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Cafés – continued

I recently declared my love to take pictures of people on the terraces of cafés. In this week’s post, I come back to that with a quick follow-up, because I went out again and took a couple of more pictures […]

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On the bench

Just like cafés (see recent post), people sit down on the bench in public spaces to take a break, to chat, to wait for others… And as for cafés, they look for seats in the sun in this early spring. […]

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