Walking shadows

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So far, I was not able to get out during the periods with warm and soft light conditions (i.e. morning or evening), but most often with typical August weather: sun with rather very hard light. One late afternoon in the park, however, the shadows were beginning to get longer. I took several photos during this moment, some without any concentration on shadows, some with a more focused approach to shadows, and a third category: photos, in which the shadows accidentally made the final result much more interesting. The following picture belongs to the third category:

Walking shadows

To put the picture a little bit more in its context and to explain why I initially pushed down the trigger: as you see on the left of the picture, this part of the public park was largely dominated by two playgrounds for children. The elderly man in the photo attracted my attention due to his rather slow walking with sometimes closed eyes as if he was completely enjoyed the moment of his afternoon walk to the full. I worked with zone focusing and knew that everything between one and three meters away from me would be in focus while I used an aperture of 2.8. The problem was that I took the picture a bit too early when the man was still slightly to far away from me. Luckily for me: his shadow was almost completely in the frame as well and very much well in focus. The grounds texture adds something interesting to the shadow as well. Finally, I really like the woman in the background with the stroller and who seems to follow with her eyes the walking man. In a nutshell: I initially thought that the photo would be appealing for some specific reason, but in turned out, that it is the unexpected effect of the man’s shadow and my lack in experience to estimate the distance to the subject, which make the photo appealing to me.


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