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Looking through my photos made me realize an impression I already had: it is often elderly persons who draw my attention to them. It might be their calm and steady way to walk in a more frantic environment of the crowd or their completely still and charismatic posture when sitting or standing somewhere. I already stressed the word of poetry in that context in my earlier posts, because elderly persons often have something extremely poetic in and around them.

The photo I would like to share today presents an elderly women during her weekly (I think at least she is going their on a weekly basis, but what do I really know from an ad-hoc shot at one single day, right?) grocery shopping on the local market. As said already before, local markets are for me an extremely rich environment for street photography. During the one and a half hours at the local market I had the opportunity to visit this August, I crossed paths with the woman in the photo several times and observed her way through the crowd. With her big white straw hat and flashy red t-shirt, she rarely looked up. It seemed as if she exactly knew what path to follow to get from one stall to the other.

Due to her red t-shirt and the warm light surrounding her, I hesitated to leave the picture in colors and not converting it into monochrome. However, I think that the monochrome presentation adds something romantic to the photo.

Local market shopping 2



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