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Taking pictures of two and more individuals engaged in a conversation during weekly markets often feels like they are letting you – just for a fraction of a second – being part of the exchanged words and shared moments. This week I decided to share a couple of pictures with you, which show those interactions between people.

Local market chat 1

In the first picture above, two men acquainted to each other, exchange a couple of words and interrupt for a second their shopping tour. What I liked about the scene and the particular moment in the picture is the facial expression of the man with the darker t-shirt wile the second man seems to be amused about a joke. The thing is as well – and I can’t help it – that as soon as I see two men discussing during the weekly market visit and with their bags in their hands, I picture their respective significant other who just a couple of minutes gave precise instructions on what to get on the market.

Local market chat 3

The second scene above on two women seems a bit more serious than the preceding one between the two men. When I look at this second picture, I really have the impression to overhear a secret shared between the two women – a secret or confidence, which they not really want to get shared beyond their intimate bubble. The woman in the center of the picture seems to check if there is someone who could potentially overhear their conversation.

Two and one

In the third picture, I captured a quick exchange between two women and a man. While their facial expression is quite different – one is rather skeptical whereas the second displays a slight smile – the two women in the picture share some similarities as if they were related. However, I really have a hard time to tell you if it is a mother-daughter relationship or another, but given the expression in the face of the women in the middle of the picture, the man seems to somehow invade the physical and family space of the two women.

When looking at a scene in a picture, everyone probably has a different interpretation of the scene which unfolds in the picture. And, I think, guessing and putting a story to the picture is always something interesting – and if the photo invites to think about the likely topic of the conversation or the shared confidence, it is already a very nice success.


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