November isn’t probably a month we like very much: November is not really known for its sunny afternoons (just think of the Guns N’Roses song), summer is long gone now, the days are getting really short, and we are not yet in a more joyful Christmas mood. Funnily, I took a picture back in September, which immediately made me think of the mood the darker and more humide fall season puts us into. The weather when taking the picture was moody as well: frequent showers alternated with bright sunny moments and a fresh wind pushing down the mercury. The couple in the picture were out to do some shopping, but the weather was not really enjoyable and the woman was probably just annoyed by the sun right in front of her.

At the same time, I really like the clothes the two individuals were wearing as well as the way the woman grabs the arm of her partner – which suggests a lot of intimacy and familiarity in their relationship.

Fall mood


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