Behind the subject

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Faces and their expressions are part of pictures is something I value a lot in my approach to street photography. However, sometimes standing behind the subject and taking the picture with the direction of the subject’s look has some appeal as well. This perspective was something that attracted me the other day when I was in the park with my daughter. While I had to pay quite some attention to the stairs and where my daughter was heading to, there was a man with his dog at the top of those stairs overlooking the park. What first caught my attention was the dog and its relaxed position. With my daughter on one hand, I used the other to make a quick shot of the situation. The result is something I like very much.

Watch out

In another situation, I was walking down a street when an older man was walking just next to me. What caught my attention here was is stooped walking posture and the big and heavy book he had under his arm. A picture just in front of him would have missed both, the posture and the book, the picture from behind was for me the better shot in the situation – and it was the most discreet solution as well.

Book lover


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