Our relationships with our smartphones are extremely interesting and someone who either looks at his or her smartphone or is actually calling someone else presents for me always a potential candidate for a picture. By the way, there is an excellent book titled “Disconnecting people” (in reference to Nokia’s claim) by the French photographer Julien Falsimagne, which captures how smartphones potentially isolates people from each other.

In this week’s post, I include six pictures of people with their mobile phones: making a call, just checking the phone when waiting or lost, and documenting whereabouts.

The question remains: do smartphones connect us with other people or do they lead to isolation? No answer here, but either way, usually we are all so immersed and absorbed by our phones that we rarely notice someone just taking a picture of us.

Call me maybe

Making a call

Quick look

Selfie and send

Smart gloves

Smart reflections


  1. Great photos, as always! You should add tags to these posts, so that more people can see them.

    Whenever I’m taking the subway I end up feeling so surreal. Tens of people, all looking down at their smartphones, completely immersed in their screens. It creeps me out, living among robots. And then I pull my phone out too. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for your comment, Gabriela – including the tip on the tags. Will absolutely change that in my future posts! And I completely agree with you: it is quite strange that kind of feeling when everybody (else) is completely absorbed by those tiny screens. A scholar from the MIT wrote a book entitled “Alone Together” a couple of years back. And this title wraps that feeling up quite well I think.


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