In a rush – Experimenting with blur

by Feb 7, 2018Photos and its stories0 comments

Many of my pictures are shot with shutter priority to compensate for the fact that often my the subjects of my photos are moving  as do I. Lately, I was starting to experiment a little bit more with wanted blur in my images. While not often simple, I am slowly getting to it.

One first result is the picture I am posting this week. During a quick bike trip to the city center – to get some new shoes for my daughter – I waited outside and started shooting some pictures. It was around end of the afternoon and the shopping crowd was quite busy getting to the bottom of their lists before the end of the opening hours. People were loving at different speed and getting a somewhat cohesive image was quite difficult. In one moment, I tried to follow a man with my lens and the result looks quite interesting as he is in focus while most of the other people in the picture – as well as the facades of the buildings – are in a blur.

In a rush


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