Working selectively with colors – again

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Sometimes, the colors of the clothes attract my attention, but usually, I still decide to convert the later completely to monochrome. For this week’s post – and after my first color experimentations – I decided to share two pictures of an elderly man who was pushing a stroller in a park the other day. Two things really made me notice him and made him stand out of the crowd: first, the park was packed with young kids and their parents this sunny Sunday afternoon and the older man pushing a stroller was a quite surprising setting in that specific moment. Second, while many individuals were wearing t-shirts, this man was wearing a flashy red jacket and a red cap.

The first picture below was taken, when we first crossed paths. The second, funnily, was then later just next to the playground and the second picture shows how happy he is watching his grandchild this sunny Sunday afternoon.

By the way, happy Valentines’ Day! No red roses, but just some red clothes in my photos this week!

Grandfather 1

Grandfather 2


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