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I recently understood that my adventure into film photography also broadened my perspectives on street photography: candid people-centered street photography is what pushed me towards this genre of photography, but film photography pushed me to go further into ways of playing with monochrome photography by playing with contrasts. With my Yashica and my Rollei cameras, I started playing with light conditions and experimenting with backlight expositions. This is quite a hard endeavor, but – once the results are good – really opens up a venue for black and white photography. In one of my earlier posts, I explained that the Ilford Pan F 50 roll of film I tried in my Rollei really slowed me down as the slow film requires some specific light conditions. However, the backlight attempts with that film were really strong and contrasty.

Backlight Alsace Lorraine

Backlight Alsace Lorraine | 2017

Couple Alsace Lorraine

Couple Alsace Lorraine | 2017

In addition to the attempts with my film cameras, I am increasingly experimenting with backlight conditions also with my digital MFT camera.

Sunny boarding

Sunny boarding | 2017

Late afternoon cigarette

Late afternoon cigarette | 2017

Those are still only first attempts of backlight pictures, but the photos are proof how my journey into film photography highly enriches my overall (street) photography skills and perspectives.

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