It’s cold and it has been cold for a couple of weeks now. Winter season in addition to a very busy teaching period in the job reduced my available time to get out on the streets very much. Until today: the announced weather was cold but sunny, and no teaching, no meetings today. I decided to take the day off, grab my cameras – yes, all of them – and get out. I was so enthusiastic that I took my MFT digital camera as well as my two film cameras – a roll of Pan 400 in the Yashica, and – for the occasion – a Pan F 50 + loaded in the Rollei. Unfortunately, while weather forecast was quite optimistic and the sun started to show itself when I left the house, the clouds were quickly back, making it a cold and heavily overcast winter day. This meant, my Rollei stayed in the bag, but my enthusiasm remained unaffected by the clouds.

I almost forgot how much fun and how calming it is to take pictures on the street without thinking about anything else. Due to the cold weather – and the winter holiday week here – there were not so many people in the streets, but I was able to get some shots either way – to a major extent of people in warm winter clothes to protect themselves from the freezing wind.

Cold 1

Cold 1 | 2018

Cold 2

Cold 2 | 2018

A new vague of freezing temperatures is announced for the next week and I guess that I need to be a little more patient before getting out again.


  1. “Cold 1” is great! I feel a lot of sympathy for that man. I wonder what he’s thinking about.

  2. Thanks Gabriela! His band collar adds something mysterious to his expression. He seems in some deep thoughts or is just thinking: “Where is the next coffee bar to warm up?”

  3. I was also impressed with the angle of your shot, you got such a close and intimate snapshot. He seems to be comforted by his collar, cozying up. I love it!

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