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For my Christmas travels back to my family in the north of Germany and to the family of my significant other – a time spend a lot in aircrafts, our car, and of course sitting around a table with a lot of excellent food – I made a decision: I only took one camera – my Yashica Electro 35 GS – and one roll of film – an Ilford Pan 400. In a season with quite short days and usually a very moody weather in the north of Germany, taking only a film camera without any flash was somehow quite risky, but the rather flexible ISO 400 pushed to a moderate 800 compensated well in the different situations. As said multiple times before, shooting with the rangefinder camera is a lot of fun and this time, attracted even some more looks and comments from people around when I took out the Yashica. Even Santa liked the “stylish” camera: I took a photo during the Christmas market of Santa with my father and my daughter and Santa apparently really loved the camera design… And of course, Santa can’t be wrong!

Once home again, it took me a while to get the roll of film to the lab, but I got it back recently and scanned the negatives with my new scanner (Thanks Santa!). At a first look, the photos looked quite fine, but I need to say that in terms of the grainy look, I preferred so far the HP5+ and the Pan F 50 over the Pan 400. Unfortunately, the fact of getting out the camera at different moments during the travels made me a bit inattentive regarding the cleanliness of the lens. There were quite some dots and impurities on the pictures. However, I was able to deal with most of that in post-production. And as many of the pictures of the roll were with my family, I am just sharing some of the other pictures taken during a Christmas market and during some walks (after the many Christmas meals) end of December 2017.

Barbecue grill

Barbecue Grill | 2017


Almhütte | 2017


Fishing | 2017


Pains | 2017


  1. Awesome series – really like the first one!

  2. Thank you very much, Marcus! Happy you like the pics. I took the first two pictures during an early evening at a Christmas market. Loved the lights and crossed fingers for the photos on the old film camera…

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