Testing another roll of film: Ilford’s FP4+

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On a business trip – a teaching assignment in one of my former institutions – I decided to test another roll of film: Ilford’s FP4+ 125, which I shot at 200. The FP4+ is a 24 exposures film and I read some interesting things online about this film. For space – and fun – ┬áreasons, I took my Rollei with me. Unfortunately, with around 15 hours to teach on a day and rather bad weather conditions (rainy and cold), I was not able to shoot the full roll during the trip – even far from that – and finished the roll once at home.

While I had some zone focusing issues – surprisingly, this was the first time with the fully manual Rollei that I had an important number of pictures out of focus – several photos came out quite good and well exposed. However, as compared to the other films I’ve tested so far, I am not a huge fan and think that the FP4+ will not be my favorite one of the Ilford family. I can’t really name it, but in the grain and contrast, I really prefer the results of the very versatile HP5+ and the very contrasty, but not easy to shoot Pan F + 50. This said I think that the FP4+ still is a good alternative, especially thanks to its 24 exposures (compared to the 36 of the other rolls). This setup makes the film perhaps still quite interesting for shorter trips and days out in the streets. This is just a first impression and I still have at least one other roll of the FP4+ in the fridge to shoot on another day.

Here are some of the pics shot with the Rollei 35 S and the FP4+:


Platform | 2018

Railway Station

Railway station | 2018

Mannequin in the window

Mannequin in the window | 2018

The Tree

The tree | 2018


  1. I rarely use anything but HP5.

  2. Yes, so far my favorite (together with the slower Pan F 50). Still discovering und exploring the different films. Thanks for your comment.

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