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Before starting to write this blog post, I quickly googled for “a dog on the piano” and the search engine provides – among many others – 2.28 million links to videos with dogs playing, walking on or singing along with the piano. The first page of results even features a link to a site with a tutorial on how teaching your dog to play the piano within one day. Somewhat a question of conditioning.

Instead of a funny video or an insightful tutorial, I will share one picture this week featuring one dog on the piano. The photo was taken in a French train station. Those are nowadays equipped with at least one piano inviting you to play a little bit while waiting for your train. There was one young man sitting at the piano while his dog was observing if he hit the right keys. I liked the setting very much and am always happy when I come across those moments that are at the same time somehow ordinary and extraordinary.


A vous de jouer

A vous de jouer | 2018


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