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Film photography opened up some other forms of street photography to me by putting much more effort in the composition of the picture and playing with lights. But, when I use my digital MFT camera, I still focus very much on people and their interesting gestures or facial expressions. In order to make photos as candid as possible, shooting from the hip is still one of the approaches when I am out on the streets. During the last months, I started to get very familiar with my 17 mm M Zuiko lens and to get a good feeling about what probably is and what probably is not in the frame. The 17 mm lens, however, pushes me to get quite close to the subjects making it extremely hard to take a candid picture and lifting the camera to the eye level. The fact to shoot from the hip is often quite controversially discussed in street photography, but I found it to be a quite powerful technique in specific situations.

In some situations, people spot the camera. This is somehow surprising as my Panasonic Lumix GX80 is the black version, I use a quite discrete black Peak Design camera strap, and am usually dressed in dark colors. Additionally, I switched off the shutter noise of the camera. In this week’s post, I just want to share a couple of photos in which the people not only spotted the camera but looked at it right at the moment I pressed the shutter.

Think she spotted the camera

Think she spotted the camera | 2017

Is that a camera sweetheart?

Is that a camera sweetheart? | 2017

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