With the first sun rays, people living in the cities are starting to soak up the sun on the large terraces of cafés. Usually, they meet up with one or more friends to chat and to exchange the last news, with the romantic partner for an afternoon coffee entre amoureux, or just all alone to read a book or to just close the eyes and relax. In all cases, people are somewhat occupied – even those who are waiting for their partners or friends, because they usually play with their phones.

For light conditions, the interactions between people, and the fact that they are usually in a good and relaxed mood, walking by a café’s terrace is often highly beneficial for street photography.

All pictures below were shot with my Panasonic Lumix GX80 and my go-to lens the Olympus M-Zuiko 17mm 1.8 – except for the last one – Café life | 2017: this one was taken with my Rollei 35 S and the slow Pan F 50 loaded in it.

Coke talk

Coke talk | 2018

Espresso talk

Espresso talk | 2018

Waiting in the café

Waiting in the café | 2018

Café chat

Café chat | 2018

Photographers' Meet Up

Photographers’ meet up | 2018

Waiting for you in the café

Waiting for you in the café | 2018


Café life | 2017


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