Standing out from the crowd

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In my very first posts here, I explained that individuals – and often elderly ones – often attract my look as they often somewhat stand out from the crowd. This might be the case for example when they sit on a bench and everyone else is somewhat busy and hectic around them. This week, I come back to this idea with two pictures of individuals who somehow looked odd as compared to the immediate environment.  The first one – Sun Hat – features an elderly person who stood out from the shopping crowd in the city’s main shopping mile because of a slower pace and, in particular, his very elegant way of walking and his very classy mode of dress. I was able to get quite close with my Zuiko 17mm and get his look as well. The second picture – Old English Roses – was taken during a gardening exposition in a park and here again, the person was standing out from the crowd as she was dressed in a way that was highly in line with what she sold: English roses.

In one of my first posts, I chose the title Human Poetry, because people who stand out from the crowd and who attract my eye are poetic and usually help us to escape – at least for a second – from an often too busy, hectic, and frantic world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the people I capture in the photos have a subjective and contextual beauty.

Sun hat

Sun Hat | 2018

Old English Roses

Old English Roses | 2018


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