Framed compositions

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Framed compositions present one important composition approach to photography and after last week’s post on my first exploration of urban photography, I come back again with a couple of photos with a quasi-absence of people. Working with frame in frame compositions is a quite powerful tool in photography and I had some occasions to work with that at different moments essentially when traveling to touristic destinations. 

Arches as frames

Last summer, with the small family, we went to a couple of ancient villages in the region around the Dordogne river in France. The villages are wonderful and the many arches and marketplaces in the center served as nice opportunities to test framed compositions. The pictures below show three examples. The photos were converted into black and white and I used minimum filters (red in most cases) to make the atmosphere in the pictures a little more dramatic. The weather back then was excellent and provided some impressive contrasts.


Framed Monpazier | 2017

Framed Perigord | 2017

Framed Bastide | 2017

During a street photo tour in my city a couple of weeks back, I again tried to work with framed compositions involving people. Here is one result.

Framed | 2018


Getting creative with framed compositions

When getting familiar with framed compositions, I read that basically anything can serve as frames in photography such as trees. This said, during a current professional trip to the wonderful city of Montpellier in southern France, I tried to experiment with this composition tool by using either a fountain or street lamps and a construction crane to frame the subjects in my pictures. The frame in frame composition, in that case, is a bit less obvious, but the results below are still some of my much-liked photos of my recent tours in the street.

Over the bridge with the dog | 2018

Fountain frame | 2018




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