One of the privileges of my work as an academic is that you often have the opportunity to travel for presenting your research at scientific conferences. And while the conferences are hard work – submitting papers, preparing presentations, discussing the research with peers (who sometimes harshly challenge your work), and networking to prepare collaborations for future research projects – it is also an excellent opportunity to visit new places. Since the end of my Ph.D., I used to go to an average of two to three conferences per year but considerably slowed that down with the birth of my baby daughter two years ago (and I do not at all regret this decision). 

As air travels became a bit less frequent – although, we are taking the plane usually twice a year to visit my family and I teach in other institutions in France – I rediscover the pleasure of flying, especially when it comes to the great views you get when looking down. This week’s post is kept short as I simply want to share two pictures taken from my comfortable seat in an aircraft. 

From the plane | 2018

Over the clouds | 2018



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