Under construction: Blogging about photography for one year

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Today is special: this post marks the first anniversary of my blog on street photography! 

This means several things:

  1. I started my discovery of street photography (and more genres down the road) exactly one year ago. Learning about street photography by chance while I attempted learning more about my gear was the trigger in working more on mastering photography – gear and my personal view on it.
  2. Keeping up with the frequency of posting at least one picture and its story per week (each Wednesday) while the year in my work as an academic was very busy. But writing about something else than scientific research added a highly appreciated variety to my daily life as a father to one and scholar. 
  3. Although there were times when I was not able to get out in the streets, reading about photography and participating in the community by reading blogs and exchanging with some of you thanks to those blogs, made this year an amazing one.

However, after (only) one year, this post takes the shape of only an interim result: the discovery and journey into street photography and so many other related photographic genres are far from over – and probably never will be. To this effect, the photo I share this week is not a candle on a cake or my preferred photo of the past year, but a worker on a construction site.

Thanks for reading this blog and sharing your thoughts through the year here or on your own blogs!

Construction worker | 2018



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