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In late August, I was quite proud that I was able to maintain the one post per week rhythm. However, since the new academic year has started, the time was an even scarcer resource than before. Unfortunately, the new family life with two kids and the preparation of a new career step in my professional life did, thus, not leave any room to get out in the streets so much – and if, I was not able to put pictures into a post. 

While I am optimistic that things will change and help me to find some time for my photographic passion, this week I  share just one photo. However, the photo is a result of what I intended to force myself to work on: patience. During my photo walks, I rarely stop moving and often regret that when I go through the pictures later. Often I find at least one picture where I tell myself: I like the setting, but should have waited for the right subject to walk into the scene or to work the scene better by changing positions and angles.

Today, I was in Carcassonne in the south of France for professional reasons but decided to go there a little bit earlier to take some photos. Near the train station, I found a spot with interesting lighting and a wonderful building of a hotel. I stuck around for around 20 minutes to experiment with distance, angle, and exposure. And as I took my time, I also decided to manually set shutter speed (1/500 to freeze movement of the subject), aperture (f8 to have some depth of field) and ISO (set to the minimum on the X100F of 200). When deciding on the settings, my aim was to work on the contrasts in the frame and to correctly expose for the highlights.

Finally, in post-production, I cropped to a square format and kept the colors – the picture was taken in RAW and a JPEG with my usual ACROS film simulation settings.

Blue 1 | 2018



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