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As explained recently, usually, when I am in the streets and the weather is sunny, I usually set my shutter speed to 1/1000s and then switch between shutter speed and aperture priority quickly depending on the potential subjects and scenes I see. Unfortunately, while I carried my baby son in a carrycot, I entered a library and forgot to slow down the shutter speed. However, with an unchanged shutter speed at 1/500s, I also set the aperture to f5.4, but in combination, this setup did not allow for enough light. The result was that especially in some cases, ISO was pushed to 12800…  

The results are photos I would have deleted right away but then discovered that some had a quite nice film noir flair to it. Below are two photos I kept because they somehow reminded me of some of my pictures taken with one of my film cameras.

Newspapers Film Noir | 2018

Coolness Film Noir | 2018

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