One of my top list good resolutions for 2019 is definitely to get back to a more regular posting activity on my blog. The last months were busy – yes – but it should always be possible to make some time available for getting out in the streets and posting photos on the blog. 

After Christmas, I use the professional downtime to publish a photo I took in the town I call my current home. The city here counts roughly 40,000 inhabitants and for the last months, I had a hard time identifying interesting spots. But sometimes, inspiration comes when you expect it the least: just before Christmas, I went out with my family to go over a small Christmas market – somehow a complete fraud – and took my Fuji with me to take some pictures with Santa and my daughter. Santa was not there, but I found a spot, which was so far completely inconspicuous in daylight. But with the city lights on, it becomes quite photogenic. I waited for a couple of minutes when a woman in a trench walked up the stairs. 

Below is the result after some post work in Lightroom. I really like the atmosphere a lot. Happy Holiday season and a good start in 2019 to all!

Mysterious woman | 2018


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