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One of my major goals for 2019 is – in addition to continuing the work on my photography skills in general – to get acquainted with new techniques including minimalism in photography. When I look through photographers’ books or online presences, minimalism strikes me each time with its purity, simplicity (which, however, is so difficult to achieve) and concentration on the essentials of a frame. Further, adopting this technique to street photography results in street photos that always make me stop and analyze the picture for a moment.  

In this week’s post, I would like to share only one photo, which captures my personal view on minimalism – but in architecture. The photo below was taken in Montpellier in France and I needed to crop the original a bit due to the 23 mm on my Fuji X100F. For post-processing, I worked on some quick adjustments in Lightroom and switched then to Color Efex Pro of the Nik Collection. Let’s see if, until December 2019, more minimalistic photographs have joined this first attempt.

Montpellier | 2018



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