Funorama – Summer in the city

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People in the streets in shorts and T-shirts. In the neighborhood, the awesome smell of barbecues. What sounds like business as usual during the summer, was actually happening in the south of France end of February. While I have to admit that some sunshine and blue sky were actually doing some good, around 22 degrees Celsius in Winter as abnormal.

However, as this short summer in mid-winter fell into a week during which my university is on holidays for one week and emails stop piling up at the same speed as in normal times, I grabbed my X100F and spent half a day in the sun. One of the photos of that walk features a large billboard on a department store in my city and the colors remind me of this misplaced summer-like period.

Large Funorama billboard of a department store.

Funorama | 2019

The photo is a new example for the newly acquired skill to be patient, to pre-compose the picture, and to wait for the right subject to enter the frame. The two posts nicely cut the picture into three.    


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