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Back to school!

The first week of September and in no place where I lived before, the back to school and work seems as an important event as in France. All TV and radio shows are starting a new season with a more or less renewed concept and the relaxed summer feeling makes space for...

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What’s in my camera bag?

When I started my street photography journey approximately one year ago, I extensively read and watched reviews and tips on gear and all sorts of equipment. During the search for those helpful resources, I often came across blog posts and short videos, where (street)...

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Looking down

One of the privileges of my work as an academic is that you often have the opportunity to travel for presenting your research at scientific conferences. And while the conferences are hard work - submitting papers, preparing presentations, discussing the research with...

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Framed compositions

Framed compositions present one important composition approach to photography and after last week's post on my first exploration of urban photography, I come back again with a couple of photos with a quasi-absence of people. Working with frame in frame compositions is...

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