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September 27, 2017

This week, I am very happy to share another one of my absolute favorite pictures with you. As described in my last post, scenes at weekly markets in smaller and medium cities provide a multitude of situations and moments of and between people that are personally for me the most appealing subjects in street photography. Additionally, if you are able to avoid cities overrun by tourists, you might get a chance to observe very authentic interactions between the local population and regular market vendors, who personally know their customers in the city. While commercial activity – although at a weekly market – often has some hectic flair as people want to get done their shopping, I usually look for individuals who behave somewhat differently to the mainstream of people.

One of those situations unfolded in front of me between two women who shared a private or even intimate moment in the middle of the crowd. Both women were dressed in very light summerly and elegant clothes and were bathed in the sunlight. This combination made them stand out from the crowd – in addition to their intimate posture.

Local market chat 2

In my journey towards street photography, there is one downside of the photo from a technical point: I again took the photo from the hip, which at my stage leaves the result very much up to luck. Here, I was very lucky!



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