It’s getting crowded!


October 4, 2017

We are now in October and summer seems to definitely leave its place for the fall season. Good news: I still have pictures from the summer I would like to share and hope to extend some summer feelings. The different photos I published here so far showed one or two individuals. Today, it is getting a little bit more crowded. Smaller groups of people in cafés or other contexts attracted my attention for several times, but finally, the photos did not have anything really noteworthy to it. I guess, a lack of clear or good composition were the main issues. The photo below was taken in a small village during this summer.

Three and one

The working title of this picture is “three and one”: first, there are three women and one man. While the women are quite close together and seated, the man is slightly more distanced and standing. While the three women and the one man in the picture are physically distanced, their interaction seems to reveal that they know each other rather well. The woman in the middle establishes a connection between the group of three and the man on the right.



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