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February 6, 2019

Making time for street photography is a major resolution for 2019 and during the month of January this resolution seems to share the destiny of so many good resolutions: not making it through the new year’s first month. As I passed my days listening to presentations of my students from basically 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening – nonstop – I did not know how to make some space for just getting out with my camera.

Make time for just one hour is all it takes

As the parking of my university opens at 7:30 in the morning and the presentations started only at 9, I was highly motivated to squeeze at least one hour of street photography into that time window. The early morning lights and a particularly rainy week really motivated me as I planned for a while now to take my XPro2 out for some street photography in the rain. So, when I got out to my car, everything seemed great: it was still dark and raining.

Unfortunately, this changed once I approached the parking area: it stopped raining and some blue sky tried to break through the heavy clouds. This somehow caused a slight bump to my motivation, but I was still happy to have one hour just with my camera.

Nothing is as constant as change: Improvise!

 While walking from the parking area of my university to the city center, I was thinking about alternatives, because I really wanted to give some purpose to the early morning photo walk instead of just wandering in the streets and hoping for interesting subjects crossing my path. And what I came up with is still closely linked to rain (and you probably guessed it from the post’s title): puddles and the reflections they create. 

As always when I am in the city center, I was magnetically drawn towards the public market with the really interesting architecture I like so much and wrote about in earlier posts. However, I changed perspective completely and came up with the two pictures below.

Victor Hugo Puddle 1 | 2019

Victor Hugo Puddle 2 | 2019

Anmut Street Photo

Anmut Street Photo

Family man and academic, I am an amateur street photographer since 2017. My photos explore people in urban environments.

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