More backlights in cold weather


March 28, 2018

Although the temperatures are moving up considerably, I will share two photos this week, which I took in much colder conditions end of February. I was on a teaching assignment trip to another university and landed a couple hours before my lecture actually took off. To boost my motivation to spend this spare time on photography, the weather forecast announced very very fine weather – that is a cloudless sky. Slight downside: it was also very cold – around 10 degrees Celsius below zero. Recently, weather forecasts included again the so-called “perceived” temperatures. And those went down to minus 20 degrees… Funnily, overhearing some conversations in the train and the tram, those perceived temperatures were the major topic!

Besides the temperatures, the lighting was really superb and I was even able to get some pictures with my Rollei 35 S loaded with an Ilford Pan F 50. But since I did not finish that roll during the trip, I will share two photos which I took with my Lumix GX80 and an Olympus M Zuiko 17mm f1.8. After my first blog post on backlight compositions, the light conditions almost screamed for more of those compositions in the city.

Walking in backlights

Walking in backlights | 2018

Shopping in backlights

Shopping in backlights | 2018

Anmut Street Photo

Anmut Street Photo

Family man and academic, I am an amateur street photographer since 2017. My photos explore people in urban environments.

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