Professional trips and photography: Night swan


February 13, 2019

Professional trips and photography

Two weeks with teaching duties in the wonderful city of Strasbourg are now almost behind me and I am glad to write that I was able to mix professional trips and photography. While the three-day journeys were intense with 20 hours to teach in two and a half days, I made some time to grab my Fuji XPro2 and get out of the hotel room. For the two trips, I traveled with my brand new Peak Design Travel Backpack, which was an amazing Christmas gift from my loved ones. I will probably share my impressions with the backpack and several accessories of Peak Design’s Travel Line in a separate post, but I am very happy with those products. 

A rare occasion for night photography

As a father to two still very young kids, the occasions to get out in the evening or at night are extremely rare. Once the kids are back home from their nanny’s and we are back from our respective working days, my priority is spending time with my kids before they go to sleep and with my partner once we have time for the just the two of us. 

However, teaching duties and academic conferences away from home, present the rare opportunities to get out in the streets after dinner – although, full nights of sleep would be a very welcomed alternative to that as well. Once out in Strasbourg’s city center with just the XPro2, I was amazed by the opportunities. By looking through the pictures right now, there are probably not so many keepers, but it is always more about the process than the outcome. 

When walking over a bridge of the small river Ill in Strasbourg, I saw a swan swimming around the spot where the light of a spot hit the water. I liked the atmosphere and tried to capture the mood. I simply converted the RAW file into black and white and am happy with the outcome. 

Night Swan | 2019

I am still working on the other photos I have taken during the two trips to Strasbourg and hope to share some more pictures in the upcoming weeks. In addition, I am planning to write a post on my first impressions of the Peak Design Travel Backpack. 

Anmut Street Photo

Anmut Street Photo

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