Skating California – Fortunate Data Recovery


August 8, 2018

What do you do if you want to feed your blog, but you did not get out in the streets enough to present new photos? Go through your old photos to perhaps discover pictures and see them in a new light thanks to your development in skills. But, the wish to go through some older photos is not that easy in my case.

Due to some unfortunate clicks during a migration from my old to my current MacBook and the use of a somewhat strange image preparation software, I thought a lot of my photos lost. For some reason, the free image software I used at that time only saved my pictures in a ridiculously small format (and when I say that the software did it, it is probably just my fault…). 

However, one of the weekends, I found a solution and was able to recover the photos through an old back up file of my old computer … and it worked! The many pictures I recovered were shot with a Sony alpha DSLR and that time I basically only shot in JPEGs – no RAWs or whatsoever. Some adjustments in Lightroom and here we go. 

California 2015

In April/May 2015 me and my partner went on a 10-day trip to coastal California arriving in Los Angeles and moving up the Pacific Highway (California 1) to San Francisco with a couple of stops in between. I have to admit that going through those photos was nice and made me a bit nostalgic – this was the last bigger trip before the birth of my daughter. During the 10 days, I took many pictures, which was very easy as the places we visited were amazing.

The two photos I selected for this post in the summer were taken at the skate park between Santa Monica Beach and Venice and I think they perfectly fit the summer feelings now in Southern Europe.  Enjoy your summer!

California Skate Park | 2015

Skater Boys | 2015

Anmut Street Photo

Anmut Street Photo

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