Solid rocks in frantic environments II


October 18, 2017

As said – and repeatedly so – I am always drawn towards individuals who somewhat stand out from the crowd. And those individuals often happen to be elderly women or men. Instead of a weekly market, this time I visited a small and lovely village in the valley of a river. Unfortunately, in late August, I was not the only tourist visiting the place. However, what is probably bad news for a tourist, might be good news for a hobby street photographer. While I came across a couple of interesting individuals and scenes, I did not have the same pleasure I discovered during the visits of local markets.

Regardless of a somewhat weaker level of inspiration, I noticed one older man who again stood out from the busy tourists around him. The man was sitting quietly on a small stone wall next to the river and was waiting for his family and just taking a break. What I particularly liked from where I stood when I took the picture below was that the perspective was somehow similar to the very first picture I shared on this site. But instead of shops in the background as in my first photo, this time the scenery was much more idyllic. Although the multitude of tourists around him are not within the picture – and I thought about several other compositions later – I still like the atmosphere of the scene.

Over troubled water

Anmut Street Photo

Anmut Street Photo

Family man and academic, I am an amateur street photographer since 2017. My photos explore people in urban environments.

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