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August 8, 2019

Traveling and blogging

It’s been a while… After very busy and eventful times, I am finally using the after-lunch nap of my kids in early August to catch up with my blog. Unfortunately, due to a lot of traveling for professional reasons and an appointment as a full professor at a new university, I was not able to keep up with updating my website. Fortunately though, during all my different travels to Stuttgart and Hamburg in Germany, Montreal in Canada, Detroit, Michigan, and Shanghai, I always planned at least half a day to go out shooting with my cameras. Thus, I have a lot of material to share on my blog.

Books and stairs: Interior of the City Library in Stuttgart

Today, in this first post, I go back to one of my first trips in early May to Stuttgart in the south-west of Germany. While very happy to get back to the spot, where I spent a couple of years back as a student at a University near Stuttgart, I was highly enthusiastic to come to the city due to the quite recent public library: Stadtbibliothek am Mailänder Platz. The city library was officially opened in October 2011 and was designed by Yi Architects. While the exterior remains quite minimalistic and the building is shape like a cube, it is the interior I was impatient to see: its central foyer in particular.

This was also the first time that I had to register as a photographer and to ask for permission beforehand to shoot in the building. The authorization process was quite easy and quick, especially for me as an amateur photographer with a very minimalistic set-up: my Fuji XPro2 and my new Fuji XF 16mm 2.8 lens – purchased for this occasion.

On-site I was amazed by the interior design: minimalistic in plain whites and light colors and books everywhere – this second observation and enthusiasm it triggered, probably comes from my main job as an academic. As soon as there are books, I am happy.

Below are a couple of the pictures I took during my visit to the city library.

Stuttgart Library 1 | 2019 (Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart / Yi Architects)
Stuttgart Library 2 | 2019 (Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart / Yi Architects)
Stuttgart Library 3 | 2019 (Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart / Yi Architects)
Stuttgart Library 4 | 2019 (Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart / Yi Architects)

For more information on this stunning building and its history, please visit the website of the City Library Stuttgart.

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