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July 11, 2018

When out in the streets, you probably already came across multiple forms of art – or street art – such as statues, sculptures, and tags. I consider tags often as a double-edged sword: often they are really beautiful and stand as an art themselves; in other cases, their aim is not artistic, but rather the deterioration of public places. In this week’s post, I simply want to show four examples of street art I recently came across and which relates to my recent adventure into urban photography. 

The Queen as a café’s gatekeeper

The first picture was a couple of weeks back in the lovely French city of Sarlat – which is absolutely worth a visit due to its great architecture, weekly markets, and what is probably their main attraction (or visitors magnet): truffles. For one of the many cafés, The Queen herself welcomes you with a somewhat malicious smile. I really liked this example of street art because of its contrasts in terms of both, its painting and its surprising appearance in a medieval city.  

The Queen color | 2018

Artistic street art in abandoned places

The subtitle is not completely correct: the place where I took the picture below, an old factory hall, is completely empty and was basically abandoned. However, right now, the hall is in a district, the city attempts to develop as a new urban place with apartment buildings and intergenerational living spaces. This huge factory hall was also the location of a recent photo festival in Toulouse and I cannot imagine any site with more charm and style. What I liked in the example in the picture is the great art of the man almost standing out of the frame in black and white and the more ordinary forms of street tags in colors. 

Street art color | 2018

Street art – Art outdoors wherever you look, just keep your eyes and mind open

The excellent thing is that you can find street art anywhere – you just need to keep your eyes wide open. In a recent photo contest on Gurushots (full disclosure: this was my inspiration for this post), there were so many examples of beautiful, colorful, funny, and simply breath-taking examples of street art – especially in the form of tags. Below are two other examples, I came across. 

Alien tag | 2018

Rainbow window | 2018


Anmut Street Photo

Anmut Street Photo

Family man and academic, I am an amateur street photographer since 2017. My photos explore people in urban environments.

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